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What I do

Historical Research Netherlands Koen van Toen

Historical Research

Interested in your family history? I can help you with historical research! I do research for individuals, municipalities and companies. 

lectures in history koen van toen Netherlands Leiden Noordwijk

Lectures on History

I love to tell you about history! To inspire you, to make you think, but also to entertain you. Subjects: World War I and II, history of Noordwijk and history of the seaside resorts. 

historical city walks Leiden Noordwijk Koen van Toen

Historical City Walks

The old city of Leiden and the seaside resort Noordwijk: both places are full of history. I will show you all the highlights with a historical city walk. 

battlefield tour guided tours Koen van Toen

Guided Tours

I will guide you along the battlefields of World War I (Ypres and Verdun) and World War II (the Normandy campaign and Battle of the Bulge). 

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historical research Noordwijk Leiden Netherlands family history
lectures on history Koen van Toen Netherlands Leiden Noordwijk
lectures on history World War I and World War II Koen van Toen Leiden
historical city walks Leiden Noordwijk Netherlands Koen van Toen
Historical City Walks Leiden Noordwijk
World War 2 Battlefield Tour Koen van Toen Netherlands
Battlefield Tour Guided Tours World War II Normandy Koen van Toen